Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NDSAG Conference Belfast 2009

Asking the right questions in the right way:

re-evaluating alcohol research and treatment for the 21st century

Stranmillis College, Belfast

The 33rd Annual New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group Conference
Advance notification: 2009 NDSAG’s Annual International Conference.

Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th April in Belfast.

This year the annual NDSAG conference is held in Northern Ireland for the first time and incorporates a research symposium from the Alcohol Education Research Council.

To celebrate our first event in Northern Ireland we have returned to 2007 conference prices!

Following international studies that found no apparent differences between treatments, NDSAG takes up the issue of Asking the right questions in the right way challenging traditional research. We will examine the relationship between research design and real world change processes. It is time to take a realistic, long term view on treatment effectiveness and consider service users’ views.

As ever, the New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group conference programme is designed for practitioners, managers, researchers, commissioners and anyone else interested in the alcohol field. This year’s conference in Belfast will feature the usual mix of erudition, hard work, robust debate and informality: a proven formula that promotes high quality learning and networking.

Confirmed presenters include:

Jim Orford (Birmingham); Keith Humphreys (California); Lawrence Krikpatrick (Belfast); Diana Patterson (Belfast); Shane Butler (Dublin); David Best (Hamilton); Doug Cameron (Market Bosworth); Alex Copello (Birmingham);Robin Davidson (Belfast); John Booth Davies (Glasgow); Ray Hodgson (Cardiff); Nick Heather (Newcastle); Gillian Tober (Leeds); Duncan Raistrick (Leeds); Tim Leighton (Salisbury); Eileen Kaner (Newcastle); Ron McKechnie (Dumfries); Pip Mason (Birmingham),


a Symposium from the AERC featuring: Annette Fleming (Birmingham), Steve Lydon (Glasgow), & Simon Moore (Cardiff).

You can download PDFs of the conference programme and the booking form.

In the case of any queries please contact:

carol.driver@actiononaddiction.org.uk +44 (0) 141 548 4507

The full conference programme will be available and updated on the NDSAG website: