Monday, December 31, 2007

New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group Conference 2008

You’re Not Listening To Me!
communication, effectiveness & appropriate delivery
service users, practitioners & management

Sarum College, Salisbury
The 32nd Annual New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group Conference

The 2008 New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group’s Annual Conference was heldThursday 24th – Sunday 27th April in Salisbury.
This year the annual NDSAG conference addressed the central issue of communication about alcohol in general and within the alcohol field in particular.

As alcohol has risen up the news and agenda the quality of debate seems to be sliding downwards.
“You’re Not Listening To Me!” is a common refrain. We’re putting listening back on the agenda to consider current issues in alcohol treatment while avoiding tired old ideological debates. We want to listen to contemporary perspectives and hold onto traditional respectful professional values. When we’ve listened we’ll consider whether we can claim to have the right mix of services to meet the needs of service users. And, if we haven’t, what we can do to redress the balance.

As ever, the New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group conference programme is designed for practitioners, managers, researchers, commissioners and anyone else interested in the alcohol field. This year’s conference in Salisbury will feature the usual mix of erudition, hard work, robust debate and informality: a formula that promotes high quality learning and networking.

Confirmed presenters include:

Nick Barton (Salisbury); David Best (Birmingham); Doug Cameron (Market Bosworth);
Alex Copello (Birmingham); Robin Davidson (Belfast); John Booth Davies (Glasgow);
Colin Drummond (London); Sarah Galvani (Birmingham); Nick Heather (Newcastle);
Anthony Hewitt (Bristol); Mandi Hodges (Leicester); Anya Koski-Jannes (Finland);
Tim Leighton (Salisbury); Wulf Livingston (Colwyn Bay); Ron McKechnie (Dumfries);
Lorna Templeton (Bath); Richard Velleman (Bath)

There may be ‘New Directions Papers’ slots available. These provide an opportunity for delegates at the conference to offer a short presentation on an alcohol related theme of their choosing. For details contact the organisers.
In the case of any queries please contact: