Thursday, April 11, 2002

NDSAG Conference 2002

Date: 11-14 April 2002
Venue: The Old Ship Hotel, Brighton

Theme: BOUNDARIES - Self, Client, Treatment, Profession.

A four day conference for workers in the alcohol field and associated professions .
Does the need to demonstrate outcomes affect the quality of the relationships with the client?
Why don't we go to the pub with our clients?
Should we break the rules, and what is 'therapist variable'?
Is 'safe' practice the best practice, and does it actualy work?
Can an ethical framework inform creative practice?
How do we work across proffesional boundaries and form partnerships that work?

Confirmed Speakers
Sue Baker
Doug Cameron
Robin Davidson
Francesca Inskipp
Bill Reading
Gillian Tober
Richard Vellerman

2002 programme pdf