Saturday, April 01, 2000

NDSAG Conferences 1994 to 2000

Conference 2000
Topics covered included:
Risk Assessment
Care Pathways
Generic Workers: Specialist Assessors?
Treatment: is it an outdated concept?
The National Alcohol Strategy

Conference 1999
Topics covered included:
Alcohol in the Workplace
Operating in the Criminal Justice System
Control, Maintenance or Change
Standards for service provision and delivery

Conference 1998
Topics covered included:
Organisations under pressure
Learning Individuals - Learning Organisations. How We Learn What We Know
Influencing Alcohol Workers - How We Learn What We Learn
Dual Diagnosis; People With Multiple/Complex Problems
Women Drinkers; Drinkers from Ethnic Minority Communities
Practice Based Evidence

Conference 1997
Topics covered included:
How findings from research can improve effectiveness of services
What do we know about alcohol problems and delivering effective services and are we doing it?
What are the implications for management and training?

Conference 1996
Topics covered included:
The implications for specialist alcohol agencies of the cultural and structural change in the NHS and local authorities.
The impact of the move to GP fundholding on strategic purchase and provision of alcohol services.
The effects of problem drinking on family members

Conference 1995
Topics covered included:
Latest developments in the Minnesota mdoel
The management of alcohol problems in primary care.
Debate: "People drink alcohol because they want to".

Conference 1994
Topics covered included:
Why does the disease concept of alcoholism endure in the public eye?
What is the value-base of our work?
How do we want soap-operas to portray drink problems?
The ideological offensive.