Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New directions in NDSAG?

In coming months, you'll notice a few changes around the NDSAG websites.

  1. We are now on Twitter for very brief updates (pointing you to the news blog or the website).
    You can follow us and find links to other alcohol-related tweets here: http://twitter.com/NDSAG
  2. There are two URLs for our website www.ndsag.org and www.newdirections.org.uk
    Currently these should be identical, but the latter one will become an archive for 30 years of the New Directions journal (currently being laboriously scanned if anyone has time to help!)
  3. We've reviewed and simplified membership costs and will be exploring links with similar organisations in the alcohol field and introducing other benefits for members.
  4. We will be introducing links to recommended publications from NDSAG members and colleagues in the field.

We welcome suggestions and feedback from those interested enough to check out our website, so please do contact us
via contact@ndsag.org