Monday, June 18, 2007

After the Annual Conference 2007

That was, as ever, a very useful weekend.
Now I am going to start work on revamping the website.

I know, some folks may recall a similar message from me after the last conference ;)

There will be news etc via this blogger, which can be updated very easily and hopefully be placed on the current website.
The existing webpages will remain wherever they have basic information that rarely changes.
That means minor changes to these pages:

updates to these:

and complete reworkings of these: (best bet here is have someone write a brief summary of what the conferences are like - a complement to Doug's History). (just as easy to scrap this page and have an email address for people to contact for details - one less page to update) (discussion email list seems to have been lost, as Richard Phillips is the owner and we cannot update without him. Any discussion we require can be carried out via the blog - no really, look at the comments link on this page - it is simpler than you may think!).

I think that covers all the current website.

Now for some history: (nothing ever leaves the internet) (does anyone know who set up that website and if we can edit it?)
and many many more !

all of which I intend to copy to the blog, to create a nice big archive of New Directions.

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